Tuesday, September 30, 2008

m says...

hi everyone! the blog author and i just saw eagle eye and i wanted to let you all know that it was kind of awesome. it made me think of that simpsons treehouse of horror episode, house of whacks, but with tons of expensive explosions, car crashes, running away from things and running to save things, an excess of ridiculousness, yet no blood, as it was pg13.

some people you didn't think you would see in this were, lynn cohen, magda from sex and the city, ethan embry, come on you all know who he is, mark from empire records, michael chiklis, the commish!, and bill smitrovich, life goes on. i didn't realize life goes on was from 1989. sorry we don't have the commish or life goes on at the store, but i'm sure if anyone really wanted them they would've already bought them for themselves, as who wants to go to waterfront and ask for the commish?

oh shia and your doofy mugshot, who knew you could create such a wildly entertaining movie that had me laughing from start to finish. well like we said in an earlier post there are many movies at waterfront that relate to eagle eye and i think you should come on down to the store tomorrow a.m. and rent every single one, especially demon seed as that's the one our blog author mentioned while we were watching eagle eye.

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