Thursday, November 18, 2010

New to our shelves this week:

The Kids Are All Right

Lisa Cholodenko (High Art, Laurel Canyon, Cavedweller) wrote and directed this story of a strained marriage between Nic and Jules (Annette Bening and Julianne Moore) whose lives are further complicated when their children decide to find and meet their sperm donor father (Mark Ruffalo).

The Last Airbender
M. Night Shyamalan's latest is a big-budget adaption of the popular animated series.

A Christmas Carol (2009)
Robert Zemeckis uses his motion-capture style of animation to re-adapt Dickens' classic holiday tale, featuring the vocal talents of Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Bob Hoskins, Robin Wright, and Cary Elwes. (Also check out any of the eight other Christmas Carol adaptations we've got oh so conveniently located on our theme shelf!)

The Extra Man
Kevin Kline is on his comic game in this odd and amusing (if a little uneven) tale of an eccentric "extra man" by the writer/director team of Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini (American Splendor, The Nanny Diaries). Also stars Paul Dano, John C. Reilly, and Katie Holmes.

Hailed as one of the cinematic events of the year, this is the "complete" version of Fritz Lang's silent sci-fi masterwork, which includes restored footage discovered in Argentina in 2008. This marks the first time the complete film is being released since its premiere in 1927.

Speaking of sci-fi dystopias, this 2009 Norwegian animated feature involves giant corporations, subway tunnels, and mind control via exotic shampoo.

Another revenge tale, this one from Johnnie To (Election, Exiled, The Pacific), starring Johnny Hallyday (Man on the Train).

Trash Humpers

A new provocation by Harmony Korine, about... well, the title kinda says it all.

Barking Water
A Native American film about a man trying to return home before dying.

The Lightkeepers

Richard Dreyfus, Blythe Danner, Bruce Dern, Mamie Gummer, and Julie Harris star in this romantic drama set in 1912 on Cape Cod.

Lottery Ticket

16 Wishes

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Don't Look Back (2009)


A Crime

Czech Dream
Produced by Morgan Spurlock, this documentary follows an elaborate hoax surrounding the opening of a (non-existant) superstore.

The Edge of Never
Just in time for the winter-sports season, this documentary features a son's decision to ski the trail where his father died years before.

South of the Border
Oliver Stone's documentary featuring interviews with several South American presidents and politicians.

Best Worst Movie
A documentary about the notorious Troll 2, directed by that film's young lead, Michael Stephenson.

Jean-Michel Basquiat: Radiant Child
Tamra Davis' compelling documentary portrait of the prolific, influential, and troubled artist. (Also check out Julian Schnabel's biopic, Basquiat, and the underground film, Downtown 81.)

New Arrivals:

The Night of the Hunter (Criterion)
Charles Laughton's only directorial effort, the haunting story of an evil preacher (the creepily perfect Robert Mitchum) looking to steal a widow's money is given the Criterion treatment. Features a 2 1/2 hour documentary about the making of the film.

The Battle of the River Plate

aka Pursuit of the Graf Spree - a long unavailable Michael Powell / Emeric Pressburger collaboration about the British Navy's attempts to find and destroy a powerful German warship.

The Endless Summer (Director's Cut)
Bruce Brown's seminal surfing documentary, re-released in an extended version with additional footage.

Cleopatra (1963)

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

The Big Town

Cool Runnings

Degrassi High - Complete Series

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