Saturday, January 9, 2010

Coming Distractions January 12th, 2010

The Hurt Locker: An award darling. Many critics have said that this is the best non-doc film to have been made about our current crisis overseas. And it's directed by a woman, Kathryn Bigelow, who can be trusted to know her way around an action/thriller (see: Point Break)

In the Loop
: Brits skewer both their own and the American political systems. From the makers of the tv show The Thick of It. Plus, this made John Waters' top 10 of 2009 list! This side of the pond is represented by (the triumphant return to acting of) Anna Chlumsky,

Mimi Kennedy, and James Gandolfini. I just watched every episode (all 1 - 6.2 seasons) of the Sopranos in about 2 months. Yes, I will accept my award now.

Fame: They remade fame! I can assume for 2 important reasons: 1. so that they could showcase new young talent, and 2. so they could take out all the naughty bits from the original movie so that 2.5. they could capture a market of teens and preteens who 1. haven't heard of the original and 2. wouldn't be allowed to see it even if they had. I'm probably totally gonna watch it in the store. You know, it's very difficult to find things to watch here that are rated under PG-13 and that I haven't seen a million times before. Cry for me.
This reminds me of a story Todd was just telling me yesterday about Gus Van Sant's Psycho remake. You can't take Julianne Moore's character seriously. She is investigating what, possibly terrible thing, has happened to her sister (the shower murder victim) but she is always wearing bright yellow headphones and at one point Vince Vaughn beckons her somewhere and Moore says, "wait, just let me grab my headphones."

Gritty realism or serious product placement? You decide.

Big Fan: Comedian Patton Oswalt stars as a bored parking lot attendant who becomes a pro-football stalker. Then he gets punched in the face. Then he sues his beloved star for mucho dinero. Written and Directed by Robert D. Siegel, who also penned The Wrestler.

I Can Do Bad All By Myself
: Another Tyler Perry Madea dramedy. What makes this different than the movie by the same name? I have no idea. A remake?

Departures: The long-awaited recipient of the Best Foreign Film Oscar for 2008.


Downloading Nancy

Post Grad: I paid to see this movie in the theater. I was pretty hungover, however, and I ended up missing both the beginning and the end. It didn't seem to matter. Just check out the awesomeness of this poster. Work those facial muscles Alexis Bledel! Also, don't be afraid to throw away your dreams for a man!

Moon: I want to watch this. I heard it is good. Plus I'm housesitting at a place where I actually have control over the heat (unlike my frigid, dial-less apartment) and where they have a very large tv. Sounds like it's Moon time for me.

The Burning Plain

The Simpsons - 20th Season

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Anonymous said...

1. I like this post
2. I like that even though Post Grad was by far the worst thing you and I have seen in a long time that you didn't bad mouth Rory too much
3. You used 2.5
4. I think your award for watching all of the Sopranos in 2 months should be a gigantic Italian dinner followed with cigars, or a salami sandwich at Marcos with me!