Saturday, June 6, 2009

Coming Distractions June 9th, 2009

Gran Torino
The International
The Shield - 7th Season
Spinning Into Butter
Were the World Mine
Ladies or Gentlemen

I seem to be unable to pick a theme for this week's blog. Went to see Drag Me to Hell, so first thought was gypsy curses (ie. Thinner)

Then, following the rumors surrounding David Carradine's death Todd & I put together a short list of movies with deadly sexual encounters (Basic Instinct, Goldeneye, Teeth, Friday the 13th, Between Your Legs, Donkey Punch. I know there must be more?) Is that list disrespectful? Perhaps...

Another option: dog movies. With the cornucopia of dog movies that families can't stop lapping up (ha ha.) (Hotel for Dogs, Beverly Hills Chihuahua) I wanted to take a minute to remember some of the old classics (Cujo, Milo & Otis (famously, and regrettably, pre-PETA)). You should watch this video of a dog doing squats.

I've even been thinking a lot about Canadians lately, but I may save that one for its own post. Ahhh, Canadians...
Any suggestions for this little old blog?

I don't need to pick a theme this week, because we've got far more exciting news: two new shelves! 1. A Speaking Of... shelf, which contains movies that are related to current Burlington happenings (movies in the theater, plays, concerts, etc.) and is located behind the new arrivals/ recent hits shelf and 2. a Staff Picks shelf, under the glowing pink flamingo in the back of the store.


Margot Harrison said...

For dog movies, you wouldn't want to forget Old Yeller, A Boy and His Dog (yikes!) or Wendy and Lucy. My dad likes Eight Below. Oh, and of course Benjy, before they made dogs "talk" with CGI. I really hate that.

Cat movies, on the other hand, are kinda rare, I guess because cats refuse to perform on camera for anyone but their owners. I liked Disney's The Cat from Outer Space when I was 9.

I'm hoping you put the original Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 on that shelf of stuff related to movies in theaters. Because it features vintage gritty '70s NYC (I'm guessing) and no John Travolta.

Waterfront Video said...

Done! Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 has taken up its rightful position on the very top of the Speaking of... shelf.

Jenny said...

Sexual encounters leading to deaths . . . hmmm . . . In the Realm of the Senses definitely comes to mind. Kinkywhatwow! Then of course that absurd atrocity The General's Daughter, but it does apply, and L.A Confidential is another good one. Oh it could keep me puzzled for days!

A childhood pet favorite of mine has to be Homeward Bound, I must have watched it about 8,000 times. Turner and Hooch brought out some tears, I'll admit it . . .