Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coming Distractions June 30th, 2009

Two Lovers
The Education of Charlie Banks (Fred Durst's directorial debut)
Entourage - 5th Season
Eastbound & Down
Dark Streets
12 Rounds
Cherry Blossoms

...& not to be forgotton: we finally have a copy of Foxfire on DVD (I know you've been waiting for "Rebelina without a cause" in this Joyce Carol Oates adaptation).

Also - The Jonas Brothers: Concert. (For a good time I recommend going to this IMDb page, clicking on the breakdown of the votes for the user rating and noting 1. the lack of votes that are not either 1 or 10, and then scrolling down to the breakdown of voters ages to note that 2. females consistently dominate the # of voters... until you get to the 45+ age range.)

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