Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coming Distractions June 2nd, 2009

These new releases are dedicated to the Tom Tom Club:

He's Just Not That Into You
Revolutionary Road
Weeds - 4th Season
Spring Breakdown

You are most likely aware that David Byrne is coming to Shelburne Museum June 1st, to play not only songs from the David Byrne/Brian Eno album Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, but also songs from any of the Eno-produced Talking Heads albums (More Songs About Buildings and Food, Fear of Music, and Remain in Light).

So today, we take a little stroll through some related video forays. That way, if you're going to the show you can get pumped here, or if you're not, (like me) you can get an internet fix instead. (But don't feel too bad for me - I did get to see him in Boston back in October...)

Of course, we have the (best ever!) concert DVD Stop Making Sense (directed by Jonathan Demme, of Rachel Getting Married, and also Silence of the Lambs). Here's Byrne interviewing Byrne as a bunch of not-Byrnes.

We also have 2 David Byrne concert DVDS, Live at Union Chapel and Live from Austin. Each contains a rousing (and unironic) rendition Whitney Houston's "Wanna Dance With Somebody".

We will happily rent to you, True Stories, written/directed/scored/narrated by Byrne, about a fictional, and very plucky, small-town in Texas.

Or the documentary Îlé Aiyé (The House of Life), about a spirit cult of Brazil.

He also did the scores for Big Love, The Last Emperor, Young Adam, and Married to the Mob.

In the next video clip, if you can sit through 5-minutes of Patton Oswalt making faces (or you could just fast-forward, I suppose...) you will be treated to Byrne's version of my favorite ode to liquor, "There Stands the Glass" (originally by Webb Pierce).

We also have Brian Eno's DVD 14 Video Paintings. Though it's got pretty static imagery, you do get to select whether you want the images vertical or horizontal.

After the show, I'll be sure to check Byrne's online journal to see what he's got to say about our little village. Here is the man next to one of the bike racks he designed. If you go, enjoy the dancers, and especially the office chairs!

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