Wednesday, October 6, 2010

There's been a lot of discussion recently surrounding the tragic spate of teen suicides in the past few weeks. Because we believe the subject is so important, we compiled a list of documentaries and films that address some of the issues raised by these unfortunate events.

Out in the Silence
Perhaps the film that most directly addresses these issues, this recent documentary follows the struggles of a gay teenager and his mother as they enlist a sympathetic lawyer to help them combat the pervasive bullying and harassment (not to mention "official" indifference of the school administration and others) which permeates their small town.

The Laramie Project
Based on the tragic death of Matthew Shepherd, this was originally a theater production developed by a group of artists and journalists who traveled to Laramie after the murder to interview the townspeople and schoolmates.

The Question of Equality
A four-part documentary series from the mid-90's that raises questions of civil rights, many of which still have not been adequately addressed.

For the Bible Tells Me So

Examines the ways in which religion can complicate the issues of coming out and finding acceptance.

Beyond Hatred
After an openly gay man is murdered by skinheads, his parents try to understand the social and psychological roots of hate crimes.

Larry Clark's film shows the dark side of repression and misplaced aggression.

Here are a number of films that deal with the processes and difficulties of coming to terms with one's sexual orientation at a young age and which also present positive perspectives:

...But I'm a Cheerleader

The Edge of Seventeen

Beautiful Thing

Get Real


Show Me Love

The Mudge Boy


The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love

The Truth About Jane

Ma Vie en Rose


If there are other films or documentaries you think should also be mentioned - or if you have other points to raise, feel free to add your thoughts in a comment below.

Local theater happenings:
Congratulations to our customers, Gypsy & Rosy, who each won a pair of tickets to the upcoming production of Death of a Salesman at the Flynn Theater, starring Christopher Lloyd!
The show is Saturday, October 9th. Tickets are still available, but selling fast. Get yours soon!
And for those who can't make it, check out one of the adaptations we have: Volker Schlondorff's 1985 version starring Dustin Hoffman and John Malkovich & a 1966 version starring Lee J. Cobb and George Segal.

Speaking of classic American theater, The Vermont Stage Company's production of The Glass Menagerie opens this Wednesday (10/6) and runs through the 24th.
We also have two adaptations of that one: the Paul Newman directed 1987 version starring Joanne Woodward and (again) John Malkvoich, as well as a 1973 version starring Katharine Hepburn and Sam Waterston.

Steel Magnolias, a perennial hit, is also being staged locally, mounted by the new company, Girls Night Out Productions, and featuring a cast of local favorites.

Oh, and speaking of really classic theater, have you heard of the upcoming production of The Rocky Horror (Puppet) Show? It promises to be a pretty fun - and saucy! - time. (Photo by Brent Harrewyn)...

Tickets are on sale now - be sure to save your ticket stubs to redeem for a free rental from our Horror, Sci-Fi, Musicals, or Cheese & Sleaze sections!

New to our shelves this week:
The Karate Kid (2010)
An update of the 80's favorite starring Jaden Pinkett-Smith and Jackie Chan.

Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
'Tis the Season!

The Secret of Kells
An imaginative, endearing telling of the ancient Irish tale that wound up as a surprise contender for last year's Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

The Oxford Murders

John Hurt & Elijah Wood star in this thriller about math and murder.

The Human Centipede

The gross-out horror that's gotten everyone talking... do you dare?

30 Days of Night: Dark Days

The Last Rites of Ransom Pride

Fade to Black

Mystery Team

Penguins of Madagascar: I Was a Penguin Zombie

Bones - 5th Season

Caprica - Season 1.0

Ugly Americans - 1st Season

Sanctuary - 1st Season

New Arrivals:

Little Monsters


Hand in Hand

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