Thursday, October 9, 2008

Coming Distractions October 14th, 2008

Out next Tuesday:

War, Inc.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Standard Operating Procedure
Slacker Uprising (a.k.a. Captain Mike Across America)
The Sarah Silverman Program - 2nd Season
Ten Nights of Dreams - one of the directors of this omnibus, Kon Ichikawa, recently died. We also now have on dvd his Fires on the Plain.

Quick Quiz: Did you know that our great independent local music store Pure Pop Records was named after a Nick Lowe album? The album, released 1978, was originally called Jesus of Cool, but that title was rejected for US release and was changed to Pure Pop for Now People. (maybe you already knew - (I had to check) - but we can't thank Tipper Gore for that - she didn't co-found Parents Music Resource Center until she found Prince was corrupting the youth of 1985) Lowe's music has been featured in many movies (heard often is "cruel to be kind") and he also wrote a song for the show Deadwood.

Cool things going on in Burlington (other than the release of all those lovely DVDs):
1. slam poetry at Finnegan's tonight! (thurs-9pm)
2. Open House Saturday at the Radiator and The Microphones are playing with Swale and Crinkles at The Bakery
3. Postsecret comes to UVM on Tuesday (and yes it is part of an overwhelming conspiracy that you can only find that information out on the insidious Facebook)

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