Friday, July 2, 2010

Current Distractions 4th of July Edition

Fourth of July weekend is upon us again & we've only got one copy of ID4, so you'd better get down here!

Released Tuesday, June 29th: Available Now!

Hot Tub Time Machine
John Cusack! That awesome guy from the Office! The dude from the Daily Show! Some other guy! These buddies travel back to their 80s heyday thanks to a time-bending hot tub and crude hijinks ensue. Also featuring Crispin Glover & Chevy Chase - which is reason enough to come rent.

The White Ribbon
Michael Haneke (Cache, The Piano Teacher, Code Unknown, all sorts of disturbingly amazing movies from the past twenty years) brings us the story of this pre WW-I German town - with the abused and suppressed children of the villagers at the heart of the mystery.

Creation When he wasn't voicing Iron Man's computer (fun fact!) Paul Bettany was busy portraying the ape-descendant Charles Darwin. This movie illustrates Darwin's struggles to find a balance between his theories on evolution and the relationship with religious, & thus contradictory, wife (Jennifer Connelly).

A slow-burning Irish mixture of supernatural thriller and family drama dealing with death & loneliness. You know who really liked it? Seth, the man himself who buys the movies here at Waterfront Video.

And if none of those suit your fancy this most patriotic of weekends, may I suggest Ivan Reitman's Stripes w/ Bill Murray & Harold Ramis.

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Undead Molly said...

For better or worse, I will watch anything with Crispin Glover in it. Hot Tub Time Machine is great, though.

Did you see the Drunk History he was in?