Saturday, November 21, 2009

Coming Distractions November 24th, 2009

Funny People: I haven't finished it, (but I will!) so the ending could be terrible, but so far I was very pleasantly surprised. Far funnier than I expected. Funny People seemed to get mixed reviews for vacillating too extremely between comedy and drama, but I guess I don't mind dick jokes and death discussions back to back. Doesn't comedy ultimately spring from a place of pain and humiliation and confusion about the human condition, anyway?

Isn't it strange that every director who uses Jason Schwartzmann has to have at least one centered, almost-fish-eyed, head shot of him in their movie, even if they are not Wes Anderson? Strange, must have something to do with the mole.

Also, Aubrey Plaza (also of Parks and Recreation) has really grown on me. Like I'm a mighty tree and she's this lovely emerald green soft fuzzy monotone moss with long brown bangs that always get in her eyes. (What?! sssshhhhh, it works. )

Angels and Demons
Taking Chances

The Indian
Four Christmases
Pray the Devil Back to Hell

The Last Mistress: Here to remind us that wound-licking, unlike laughter, is not the best medicine.

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