Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coming Distractions October 20th, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
Objectified (by the maker of Helvetica)
The L Word - Final Season
Love N' Dancing (keeping the silly abbreviation/apostrophe alive since 2009!)
The Sick House

Not a ton of movies coming out this next week. I can't really discuss Transformers 2 because I've never seen it and because after Jennifer's Body I'm kinda done with Megan Fox. Has anyone else noticed that it seems she has a desperate fear of letting her lips touch her teeth? It's just sad that I think I would have found Amanda Seyfried making out with just about any other starlet hot, but it just. Wasn't.

Cheri, which I also haven't seen, but am still going to talk about, was written by the same writer as Dangerous Liaisons & Atonement & Carrington, plus, Michelle Pfeiffer looks pretty smokin' on the cover. (When did I turn into a teenage boy? So superficial. sigh) Did you know I have a death mask of Michelle Pfeiffer's actual face from What Lies Beneath in my kitchen. No joke! It's behind the mortar and pestle. Pretty sweet, I know.

Cheri was directed by Stephen Frears. It was pointed out to me recently that he is very cool for the fact that, unlike many other directors, it would be hard to watch 1o minutes of any one of his films and instantly see the mark of his style. He respects each individual film/genre. Shifting. Like a chameleon! (Like Steve Buscemi & his watery eyes! You should totally watch the season premiere of 30 Rock, if'n you haven't already) Look at Frears' variety: Dangerous Liaisons, The Queen, v. Dirty Pretty Things, High Fidelity, The Grifters.

The Grifters is a great noir. Based on a book by Jim Thompson, and his books are a lot of fun, in a really dark way. Ever read any? I suggest The Killer Inside Me as a good place to start. He really broke open the 1st person psychopath genre. (hope that wasn't a spoiler! But then... It is called The Killer Inside Me...) Quick reads, and good for the chilling of fall into winter.

Have you noticed that sometimes fall smells like burning?

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