Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Office - 5th Season
Parks & Recreation - 1st Season
Bones - 3rd Season
Fringe - 1st Season
Crank 2
Dance Flick
Valentino: The Last Emperor

Due to the release of the new Valentino movie, I thought I'd do a rundown of other fashion documentaries.

Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton

Unzipped: probably my personal favorite fashion documentary, about Isaac Mizrahi (though he is not my favorite designer.) a lot of fun.

Seamless: also directed by Douglas Keeve (of Unzipped) about a Vogue fashion contest.

Lagerfeld Confidential: Karl is a very eccentric man.

We have a bunch of Project Runway, o' course.

We also have a new movie called Coco Chanel now on DVD, and a different Chanel biopic, this one with Audrey Tautou, is due out sometime in the future.

There are plenty of other fashion related movies, like Gia (one of my guilty pleasures... sometimes, to some small chagrin of mine, I am just fascinated by Angelina Jolie's face...), about the tragic-fate of a real-life supermodel.

: Antonioni's day-in-the-life film about a fashion photographer that includes at least one sexy romp with 2 young models. The '60's were so scandalous!

Funny Face: the Audrey Hepburn movie that combines fashion and bookstores. Oh my! who could ask for more?

I am sure there are many more, because much as I enjoy pretty things, I only think about fashion tangentially and when, on the rare occasion, I am not already busy whining about needing to do my laundry. Any others spring to your mind?

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