Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coming Distractions July 21st, 2009

The Mighty Boosh - all 3 seasons!
Unknown Woman
The Great Buck Howard
Monk - Season 7
Pushing Daisies - 2nd Season

I just want to reiterate (or is it my first iteration? This blog is over a year old and my mind is full of holes...) that not only does The Unknown Woman have the 484th soundtrack by Ennio Morricone1 but it was also the best movie to come to our theaters last year! (Closely followed, in my not-so humble opinion, by Let the Right One In2 & The Fall3). So, you should totally watch it! It’s suspenseful, and engaging, and disturbing, and..and… I might go so far as to even say masterful. The Mighty Boosh would make a good pick-me-up after The Unknown Woman: it’s great silly fun. What were your favorite movies of last year?

We now have a Food shelf! For all you foodies out there. Anyone seen Food Inc. yet? & the Food shelf doesn’t contain all the dessert-related movies, or wine movies, or cannibal movies, so we may have to do temporary supplementary shelves at some point in the future. But it does have all kinds of great documentary (ie. I Like Killing Flies), fictional (Like Water for Chocolate), & instructional (The French Chef with Julia Child!) videos. And I think it’s awful pretty.4

Lastly, just because I feel that most (if not all) entries should have something cat-related I bring you catsthatlooklikehitler. Which is a little disturbing, perhaps5, but still cute and not nearly as disturbing as last week’s cat picture.6

Coming Soon: this blog is gonna proudly receive a breath of fresh air in the form of a post from employee extraordinaire & horror movie connossieur Todd. I am so excited!7

1And this is one of the good soundtracks, not one of the super-derivative ones (though I don’t always mind those too - sometimes all a horror movie needs is some eerie female choral-type sustained notes)
2The working title for the American remake is Let Me In. Could this be commentary on how we are more likely, as Americans, to respond to immediacy (Me) than long-term goals (the "right one")?
3The Unknown Woman & The Fall were technically made in 2006, but, you know…bureaucratic release delays and living in the littlest big city in the world often results in waiting…
4And I didn’t organize the pretty shelf…so now I can claim that this blog entry isn’t entirely about me.
5Unless you really like Hitler.
6Again, I’m sorry for posting that. But sometimes you just feel the need to spread these things around because it makes it somehow less horrible, since you don’t have to face it alone. Right?
7And I just can’t fight it.


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