Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coming Distractions, April 14th 2009

These movies are getting hitched to our shelves next Tuesday. Take them home for a night or two (no vows of monogamy required!)

Donkey Punch
The Reader
The Spirit
American Swing
Dark Matter
Lost in Austen
Skins - 2nd Season

Ah, it's (almost) spring, and love is certainly in the air. Or at least it's in the air in Hollywood. Cause there sure are a lot of wedding movies!

Rachel Getting Married
Muriel's Wedding
Altman's The Wedding
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Parent Trap
The Marrying Kind
Monsoon Wedding
My Best Friend's Wedding
4 Weddings and a Funeral
Wedding Crashers
Father of the Bride
The Philadelphia Story
Corpse Bride
The Wedding Date
Mamma Mia
Sex & The City - The Movie

And the list goes on... But now we have the chance to re-imagine (and we know Hollywood loves a remake!) all the wedding movies without all those tired heterosexual cliches. Thank god Vermont didn't lag too far behind Iowa...

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