Thursday, February 5, 2009

Coming Distractions February 10th, 2009

A smorgasbord of DVDs:

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
Nights in Rodanthe
My Name is Bruce
Miracle at St. Anna
Frozen River
Best of Wholphin
Gospel Hill
The Romance of Astrea and Celadon

I was thinking about Julianne Moore today. I started thinking about her because I am planning to watch Blindness. The book, by Jose Saramago, was a really good time (though hard to imagine it being made into a mainstream film because some of those plots twists are real brutal. And there are no line breaks for different speakers, and no one has a name, the point of which is that you feel blind when you're reading it (and frightened, and angry) but which seems defeated when you're watching a movie. But I guess you could argue I was also looking at the words when I read it... but... ya know... really not the same thing.) Then I was thinking about JuliMoo because Savage Grace just came out in the nearish past (which was a bold part choice for an actor, if nothing else. It also has the most excruciating dinner party scene I've ever witnessed - harder even than watching Anne Hathaway's toast in Rachel Getting Married.) THEN, I found out that she was the voice of Aria (the super-computer) in Eagle Eye, and that's when I got really excited.

And no, I swear I didn't actually know the super-computer's name before today... But I've been wondering that for, like, for forever. Or since I paid to see it in the theater.
It was warm out back then. Did that ever really happen? I've got a cold. It makes me sad.

Which reminds me, you should go watch Frozen River.
Contest: can you spot the former Waterfront Video/Recycle North employee in Frozen River? (This is a really unfair contest - even his own mother didn't spot him.) Next week I'll try and get a screenshot of him to put up, so we can verify our answers. (Because I am so good with technology I am going to obtain said screen shot by doing something totally sophisticated like pausing the movie and taking a picture with my phone... )

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