Thursday, November 6, 2008

Coming out on Tuesday:

Kung Fu Panda
Hellboy II
Eight Miles High
Mister Foe
Impy's Island

What a week it has been! Since we last met, Halloween was celebrated, clocks got set an hour back, and I think there might have been an election or something. I've been particularly excited to see the amount of voter turnout and it looks like we got around 62.5% and 64.1% of eligible voters to the polls (133.3 million Americans!). That is the highest turnout in over 40 years, and may be equal to the turnout in 1960, when JFK just barely beat out Nixon. Our numbers are generally pretty dismal, and similar to the 47% low Australia hit before they made voting compulsory in 1924. Fines as high as $20 may result from non-voting in Australia, and they now have turnout rates of around 95%. Please discuss these facts and figures amongst yourselves.

In movie news, the documentaries just keep rolling into our store. Next week we are gonna have Mix-Up, a french film from 1963 about two women who discover at age twenty that they were switched as babies at the hospital and have been raised by the wrong families. If you find you have an hour of aural void to fill, This American Life also produced an amazingly compelling radio show on two women who did not learn they had been Switched at Birth until age 40 and another episode about the case of Bobby Dunbar, which details what happened when a young boy was found in 1914 and claimed by two separate sets of mothers whose sons had been kidnapped. We are also documentaries getting Alice Neel, Swing State, Magnificent Obsession: Frank Lloyd Wright... and so many more that you will just have to stop into the store to peruse them yourself, at your leisure.

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