Thursday, August 28, 2008

Coming Distractions September 2nd, 2008

What's new? It's the Debut! (Tuesday)

The Office - 4th Season
Married Life
The Promotion
Then She Found Me

Then She Found Me is directed by and starring Helen Hunt as a New York schoolteacher who has a midlife crisis as a series of unfortunate events befall her. The sight of our own young Vermonters heading back to school (re: front page Burlington Free Press), and our college-level pupils re-populating the town got us thinking about all those great Inspirational Teacher Movies.

Dangerous Minds
To Sir, With Love
Half Nelson
Dead Poets' Society
Mr. Hollands' Opus
The Emperor's Club
Blackboard Jungle
Stand and Deliver
Kindergarten Cop
Lean on Me
Music of the Heart
Freedom Writers
The Principal
School of Rock
Mona Lisa Smile
Take the Lead
Only the Strong
The Man Without a Face
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit
Renaissance Man
Finding Forrester
Educating Rita
The King and I
High School High
Up the Down Staircase
Hamlet 2

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